Pet Wellness Services

Keep ’em well

Pets need regular doctor visits just like people do. Preventive care can help save you thousands of dollars down the road – and give your pet the longest, happiest life with you.

  • Physical exams and vaccines. Checkups and booster shots – including biannual testing for intestinal parasites and regular labwork to check the health of your pet’s organs.
  • Dental care. Bad breath isn’t just stinky, it’s a sign of active infection that threatens Fluffy’s overall health and shortens her life. In addition, regular cleanings give your pet a sparkling smile and kissable fresh breath.
  • Flea/tick/heartworm prevention. Keep your pet, your bed and your family critter-free with medications and treatments to prevent parasites from infesting and harming your pets.
  • Senior pet advanced diagnostics. The only thing wrong with pets is that they can’t live forever. We can identify and treat senior issues before they become a problem and offer great medications that help keep them comfortable – letting you love them even longer. 
  • Food and nutrition. Grain free? Organic? What’s the best diet for your pet? Get advice from the pros who know.