Pet Care

Overweight Pet? Try the The PARC’s Slim Down Diet Plan

Did you know that more pets than ever are overweight? According to a recent study by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 44 percent of dogs and 57 percent of cats are too plump for their own good. Obese pets are prone to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, skin and haircoat problems, and a shortened lifespan.

Our staff is committed to helping owners help their pets shed unwanted pounds. Here’s the plan we’ll use for your pet.

  1. Our doctors will prescribe a prescription diet that’s low in calories and high in protein – a combination that helps fill up your pet while limiting their caloric intake.
  2. We’ll log your pet’s weight in his medical record, and give you a weight-loss goal to shoot for,
  3. You’ll return with your pet for rechecks with the doctor or a veterinary technician and to get weighed to gauge their progress. One of our technicians will partner with you along the way to give you advice and encouragement, and to help Fido overcome any weight loss challenges.
  4. Once Fido reaches his goal weight, he’ll fell better, play more, and love longer.!

If you’d like your paunchy pet to drop a few pounds, call us to schedule an appointment.