Meagan Anderson, DVM

Dr. Meagan Anderson considers the greatest reward in her profession to be the trust that her clients place in her to care for their pets; she takes that trust seriously, giving 100 percent to every case.

Dr. Anderson worked in the industry for eight years – as a pet nurse, kennel attendant and veterinary assistant – before even going to vet school, later graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in biomedical science and magna cum laude with her Doctor in Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University. She went on to practice for 13 years at clinics in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Arlington, Texas, before coming to The PARC in 2018.

Dr. Anderson is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners certified in Canine and Feline practices. ABVP Diplomates have proven knowledge and expertise above and beyond what is required to practice veterinary medicine. Dr. Anderson would be privileged to partner with you to maximize the life you share with your pets. 

Cultivating a deep passion for helping animals and owners all over the world, Dr. Anderson supports Christian Veterinary Mission, having participated in one of their mission trips during veterinary school. An Air Force wife and child of two military parents, she was also named the 2010 Wyoming Air National Guard Key Volunteer of the Year for family support she provided during Operation Enduring Freedom. Dr. Anderson and her husband, Kurt, have three children and one dog, Maverick Wasabi, whom Dr. Anderson refers to as a “trash compactor.”

Fun fact about your pet: Maverick is more like a mountain goat than a dog! He not only eats EVERYTHING, he is a climber. When he was just a 15-pound puppy, he escaped his training kennel, and we found him sitting on top of the stove (fortunately it was turned off) in the middle of the kitchen island.

Advice for pet owners: Put in the time to train your puppy early. You’ll appreciate the difference having a well-trained dog makes when they get older.