Fort Worth Pet Grooming

We put the purr in pamper

Our full-service salon and spa, located at The PARC Grand Resort, specializes in highly personalized, caring attention for our canine and feline guests. We encourage you to meet and consult with our pet stylists to ensure the best salon experience for your best friend. The PARC Grand Resort is open Monday through Saturday.

Salon guests are required to be current on vaccinations.

Signature Pet Grooming Packages

Salon Bath Experience
Beginning with a full brushout before the massaging bath, this pampering experience also includes a full pedicure, cleaning of the outer ears, and external expression of anal glands. Culminating with soothing air drying and a second full brushout, this experience leaves your pet more loveable than ever! Contact client relations for rate information as prices are dependent on the pet’s weight and hair length.

Salon Styling Experience
In addition to the pampering treatments of the Salon Bath Experience described above, our pet stylists offer professional grooming services to keep your dog and cat looking their best! Contact client relations for rate information as prices are dependent on size of the pet, coat condition, length of hair and complexity of style.

Special Care for Anxious Pets
Our salon staff partners closely with our medical team to ensure guests remain happy and safe while in our care. If your pet doesn’t enjoy being pampered, we have veterinarians who can prescribe medication to ease their anxiety and will oversee their bath and groom at The PARC’s vet facility. Contact client relations for additional information.

Premium Salon Services

Soothing Pet Massages
Just like people, pets will experience bumps, bruises, injuries and arthritis during their lifetime. Our pet stylists are prepared to offer massage services to your best friend to help soothe their aches and pains. You can request a 10-minute massage session during your pet’s regular salon appointment.

Revitalizing Pamper Package
Indulge your pup in a rich blueberry facial guaranteed to brighten and refresh even the most rugged dog. Our blueberry facial is made with all-natural ingredients and is pH-balanced and tear-free. The facial begins with an aromatherapy experience and continues with a soothing facial massage that brightens and cleanses, leaving them refreshed and smelling great! The package also includes a deluxe pedicure to smooth and round your pup’s nails. 

Calming Skin Treatment
For those itchy dogs looking for some relief, we can use products during their bath designed to soothe and comfort. We start with a special shampoo and conditioner paired with a luxurious nutrient masque that reduces breakage and tangles.

Shed-Less Treatment
Our animal grooming team can care for your pet even more with our Shed-Less Treatment. Our pet stylists will provide a salon experience aimed to help minimize the hairy onslaught.