Pet Care

A Vet’s 11 Favorite Products for Pets

The ever-growing pet product market ranges from fashion to fun, exercise to IQ puzzles, gourmet pet foods and treats, and everything in between. These products are available on online pet specialty sites, at pet boutiques and in many superstores. 

Which products are right for your pet? It’s important to evaluate what your pet will enjoy; whether the product provides healthy, fun activity; and how it will affect your pocketbook. Here’s a look at some innovative products by major categories.   

EXERCISE & PLAY products are dually beneficial. Look for pet-engaging toys with healthful options, such as the following products:

  1. The Chuckit!® family of Hydrosqueeze and Hydrofreeze toys. This toy product group provides hours of dog-chewing, fetching fun while simultaneously hydrating the dog. This refreshing line includes bumpers, balls and tug toys. 
  2. If your pet needs more exercise than you have time for, check out the DogTread® treadmill. It provides great fitness at home, and there will be no more traipsing out in the rain, snow or mud with Fido!
  3. Let your pet go wild with the Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine! This bubble blower, specially designed for dogs, produces BACON-scented bubbles! Just sit back and let the dog exercise while chasing those tasty bubbles!
  4. For those tough pups, try KONG®’s Wubba™, specially designed for durability and keeping your pup entertained!

BOREDOM or BEHAVIOR ISSUES can be positively handled if you have the right product.

  1. The ThunderShirt® has a calming effect on the pet’s nervous system and has proven successful for anxious canines, especially during summer storms.
  2. Felines are not forgotten either when it comes to good therapeutic products! Cats that suffer from cabin fever can safely enjoy the outdoors in their Kritter Kondo™. This easy-to-assemble enclosure gives the cat a fun way to enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment.
  3. Cats love to climb and perch, so check out the wide variety of cat towers and condos that can provide hours of fun for indoor cats.

NUTRITION & FEEDING PRODUCTS. You can even find innovation on the pet food aisle!

  1. Award-winning and very popular KONG® continues to introduce new toys for dogs and cats. Their KONG® Wobbler™ dispenses food while providing entertainment, too. And now KONG® has come out with their Easy Treat™ line – including a pepperoni-paste filler for the KONG toys!
  2. New pet food diets are released almost every week. We like Royal Canin® products. We strongly advise everyone to consult with one of our veterinarians to find the right food for your pet!
  3. Veterinarians know the importance of fresh water, so much so that a veterinarian invented the fresh-flowing Drinkwell Water Fountain® system for cats and dogs.

TRAVEL & SAFETY PRODUCTS. Today, more folks are traveling with their pets, and there are many great travel and safety products available.

  1. GPS collars can track your wayward and “escape artist” pets. Some even track activity (so you can make sure your dog gets enough exercise) and alert you when the temperature is too hot or cold for your pet.
    Of course, don’t forget cute pet-themed totes, safety belts and haute couture for the pet traveler. Fun travel products are sure to add charm to Fido’s adventures.

With so many new and great pet products in the marketplace, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Key things to look for include award-winning designations, American-made, eco-friendly and, of course, veterinarian-endorsed products. Other important factors to consider when selecting the right products are your pet’s age, agility and interests.

With a little research online or through your veterinarian, you’re sure to become an educated pet product consumer – and a real hero to your pet!