PET STORIES: New Technology Restores Skin for Attacked Dog

Annabelle is a very special patient. She came to us quite bruised and battered after being attacked by two dogs that were much bigger than her. Her severe trauma caused extensive tissue damage that required many surgeries and hydrotherapy sessions.

It quickly became clear that Annabelle’s wound would take several more weeks or months of healing and that scar tissue would most likely cover a big portion of her backside. To help promote her body’s wound healing capabilities, we decided to use a cutting-edge product called ACell Vet patch.

The ACell Vet patch is applied to an injury to encourage new blood vessel formation and offer a foundation for the new tissue. The graph allows host cells to attach to it, grow into it and, eventually, replace it with healthy skin tissue.

The results have been astounding. As you can see by the photos, Annabelle’s wound is healing fast, and she has plenty of healthy new skin growth. We’re excited by the success of this case and the potential for this patch to repair and restore damaged or missing tissue on our future severe trauma patients.