The PARC Express Delivers Fast Wellness Care

We heard you loud and clear. Almost 70% of clients told us they want to be in and out in less than 30 minutes when their pet is healthy. We’re going to make that happen at The PARC Express, our new wellness center, located on the corner of Hulen and Donnelly at 3201 Hulen Street (across from Chik-fil-a).

Here’s how The PARC Express delivers what you and Fido need:

We value your time. The PARC Express provides wellness care only – no emergencies that can delay a healthy pet’s wellness appointment. Efficient wellness care. On-time appointments. Less vet time. More play time. You win. Fido wins! 

Wellness Packages Make it Quick and Easy. You want to be your pet's hero. We want to make that easy. Our Love Longer Packages make confusing wellness care simple by giving you three quality packages to choose from -- all of which make a lasting, positive impact on the health, longevity, and wellbeing of your beloved pets. We’ll provide a menu of options prior to your appointment so you can make your selections before you get here.

Wellness Packages Save you Money. Although vaccines and other wellness options are available a la carte, our Love Longer Packages save you money and are the best healthcare options for your pets.

Pick the Grey Package and save 5%

Go with Pink and save 30%

Save the most -- 35% off -- with the Blue Love Longer Package

We'll Help You Maximize the Life you Share with your Pet. Unconditional love is precious and hard to find. Pets love us like no other. The PARC Express partners with you to give Fido every chance to live as long and healthy a life as possible. Our high-quality vaccines, top-of-the-line diagnostics, and preventatives will keep Fido safe from worms, germs, and diseases. Our team at The PARC Express looks forward to helping you maximize the life you share with your pet so you both feel better, play more, and love longer!