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How The PARC Grand Resort Protects Dog from Kennel Cough

Coughing. Hacking. Sneezing. Runny noses. We all know that cold season is upon us, so many of us take steps to keep the sniffles at bay. We may wash our hands more often, give a wide berth to anyone who sneezes, and take supplements to give our immune systems an advantage over attacking viruses. But did you know your pooches need help to ward off their own colds?

What is Kennel Cough?

Colds in dogs are commonly referred to as “kennel cough” or “infectious tracheobronchitis.” These terms describe a variety of highly contagious respiratory infections. Like the human cold, kennel cough can be spread through the air. An infected pup will shed the infection-causing pathogens by coughing or sneezing. The bacteria and viruses become aerosolized, like the tiny bit of oil in cooking spray. Any nearby pooches can catch the same illness simply by breathing in the germs. 

Prevention at The PARC

Jamie, a member of The PARC Grand Resort’s client relations team, knows a lot about keeping The PARC guests safe from this condition.

“It’s important that our guests have a fun and healthy stay,” Jamie says. Fun is easy to achieve at The PARC Grand Resort, since Jamie can offer guests activities such as play dates, pool time, and personal displays of affection.

Cleanliness & Vet Visits

“We always make sure our environment is clean, and that our guests’ medical needs are met,” Jamie says. “A guest who doesn’t act normally or shows symptoms of being sick are examined by one of our veterinarians right away.

Yet, all this hard work isn’t enough to prevent a pup from catching kennel cough.

Regular Vaccinations

The most effective way to prevent kennel cough is to keep the environment free from the pathogens that cause kennel cough by ensuring guests are vaccinated.  

“A regularly vaccinated pet is at a much lower risk of contracting kennel cough, so we require that all of our guests are vaccinated for their stay,” Jamie explains.

The specific vaccine that protects dogs from kennel cough is Bordetella.

Following this recommendation, all pooches staying at The PARC must receive the Bordetella vaccine once a year, in addition to a number of other vaccines that are required.

Jamie and the rest of the client relations team will ensure every guest checking in for an overnight stay at The PARC or The PARC Grand Resort has gotten these shots. She is also able to offer a convenient service if a guest hasn’t had the vaccinations required. She can arrange for pets to have their vaccinations updated at the beginning of their stay with us.

If your pup shows symptoms of kennel cough at home – such as coughing, sneezing and runny nose or eyes – it’s best to let them rest away from other pets until you can schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.

Jamie finds all of her hard work to keep The PARC’s guests happy and healthy very rewarding.

“My favorite part of the day is when pet parents come to pick up their babies after boarding with us,” Jamie says. “Seeing their faces when they pick up their babies who got great care while they were here reassures us that we are all doing a great job! We hate to see our babies go, but look forward to them coming back!”

If you have any questions about boarding at The PARC or The PARC Grand Resort or our vaccine requirements, feel free to contact us at (817) 989-PAWS.