The PARC Remains open 24/7 and Welcomes People & Pets Inside

Although most Vet Clinics in DFW are offering "Curbside Care" only, we welcome you and your pets to come in to The PARC 24/7. For anyone who has been affected by COVID-19 our hearts go out to you and your loved ones. Please see below for answers to the questions we’ve been hearing.

“Do I still need to wear a mask at The PARC."

Yes, even though the Mask Mandate has been lifted in Texas, please wear a mask in the building. Our employees are wearing masks, too. 


“You're really letting people come inside?"

Yes! Even though most clinics are only offering "Curbside Care" we welcome you to stay with your pet and come inside. Our building is large enough to Social Distance and we know how incredibly important it is for you to stay by your pet's side, especially during an emergency.


“I need to come to The PARC. What do I need to know to stay safe?"

We are so excited that many on our team have been vaccinated! We continue to be diligent about cleaning and disinfecting common areas several times a day. We continue to abide by the following COVID-19 policies and are requiring Social Distancing at The PARC.

  • Are you sick? If so, don’t enter the building and call us to coordinate care of your pet.

  • Do not cross the BLUE lines.

  • Stand on the GREEN X’s.

  • Our staff will be working from a safe distance.


"I have a pet emergency but I’ve been exposed to COVID-19, can I come in for help?"

If you are exposed to COVID-19 and experience a pet emergency, please do not come directly in. First call our Client Relations team at 817-731-3733. We will partner with you on a plan to take care of your best friend through this difficult time. Your pet’s care might involve a drop-off of the patient curbside and coordination with you from afar, but we’ll make it happen!


"My dog is overdue for vaccines, is it the right time to catch up on wellness care?"

While families were hunkering down at home, our neighborhoods, parks, and front yards became the central hub of our social lives. More pets are tracking through your grass and going nose-to-nose with each other.

If Fido is joining you outside, now is the perfect time to make sure his vaccines are up to date so he stays safe from worms and germs. Although COVID-19 isn’t a threat to pets, there are other viruses lurking like rabies, kennel cough, parvo, and lepto. In addition to updating his vaccines, it’s essential to keep Fido protected from fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites. Some common parasites are zoonotic which means they can be transmitted from animals to people, so keeping your pet safe keeps you safe, too.


"If I need someone to keep my pets during this time, can you help?”

The PARC and The PARC Grand Resort is always available to board your pet for whatever reason. Our Pet Pals will take loving care of your furry friends. If you're not feeling well, please arrange for a friend to drop your pet off.