Pet Care

6 Ways to Protect Fido from Booms in the Sky

Ears back. Body shakes. Hiding in the bathtub or crawling under the bed. These are telltale signs of a scared pup freaked out by fireworks. Our ER vets at The PARC know better than anyone that noise phobia is a real thing that can cause pets to panic and hurt themselves in the process.

Here are 6 tips to keep Fido safe during the July 4th holiday.

  1. Understand how sensitive a dog’s ears are. They hear more frequencies than we do – higher and lower – and can hear sounds roughly four times further away. Find a comfortable quiet place for them to be. Turn on the TV or play music to reduce the ability for them to hear the booms.
  2. Avoid fireworks altogether. This is a good holiday to celebrate without Fido. Keep him home and indoors.
  3. If your pet is crate trained, keep him confined in his “safe place.” Crates can save a pet from harm if they start to panic.
  4. Try a Thundershirt -- a weighted, vest-like garment that swaddles your dog like a newborn baby and makes them feel safe. It's recommended by vets, trainers and pet owners alike, and uses a patented design to apply gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear and over excitement.
  5. Sometimes no matter how much you prepare, your dog may still get so terrified that he finds a way out. Microchips and tags with your contact information will help get your pet home safely.
  6. Most importantly, ask your vet for help. At The PARC we have a lot of pet patients who are freaked out by loud sounds. We have had amazing success with anti-anxiety medications that are highly effective and safe, including a medication that calms dogs who suffer specifically from noise aversion.