Pet Care

5 Ways to Win with Wellness Care at The PARC

Pet wellness exams are about more than just another round of shots or a chance for us to meet your new fur baby (although we love puppy and kitten cuddles!). Every time we see your pet we have the chance to catch issues and get a baseline for what's normal. Many clinics offer Wellness Care, but we think you, Fluffy, and Fido will win by choosing The PARC for a lifetime of care.

1. Wellness Packages Make it Easy. You want to be your pet's healthcare hero. We want to make that easy. The PARC’s Love Longer Packages make confusing wellness care simple by giving you three quality packages to choose from -- all of which make a lasting, positive impact on the health, longevity, and well being of your beloved pets (cats and dogs).

2. Wellness Packages Save you MoneyAlthough vaccines and other wellness options are available a la carte, our Love Longer Packages save you money and are the best healthcare options for your pets.

Pick the Grey Package and save 5%

Go with Pink and save 30%

Save the most -- 35% off -- with the Blue Love Longer Package

3. Comprehensive Wellness Care Can Prevent Expensive Vet Bills. Regular wellness visits can reduce the chances of expensive emergency visits from happening. Pet wellness isn’t just about vaccinations, the true value comes with a complete 12-point nose to tail physical exam by one of our veterinarians. The Pink and Blue Love Longer packages also include bloodwork which allows our vets a window into your pet’s body so we can check organ health and detect major illnesses or conditions that could put their safety and health at risk. If illnesses are caught early, we can fix it and/or begin the necessary treatments to provide your pet with the best quality of life possible.

4. The PARC is Open 24/7. By choosing The PARC for wellness care for your pet, you're also choosing a 24/7 partner. We'll be here to help exactly when you need it the most. If you experience a pet emergency, we'll have your pet's medical records and history at our fingertips. The same team who takes care of pets throughout their lifetime will be here to care of them during a crisis. 

5. Love Your Pets Longer. Fluffy has a much shorter life span than you. Let us partner with you to give her every chance to live as long and healthy of a life as possible. The PARC’s comprehensive wellness packages help us help you maximize the life you share with your pet so you can both feel better, play more, and love longer!