Steve Hotchkiss, DVM

Owner and Chief Vision Officer

Dr. Steve Hotchkiss couldn’t decide at first whether to be a doctor for people or for animals. In fact, he was accepted into both medical and veterinary school. Then he realized that he could help both of them as a veterinarian – because people feel better when their pets do. That philosophy fueled Dr. Hotchkiss’ longtime dream for a veterinary facility focused on People, Animals and Revolutionary Care. He fully realized his dream in 2018 with the opening of The PARC, 24 years after he purchased Hulen Hills Animal Hospital.

In addition to his Doctor in Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University, Dr. Hotchkiss has advanced training in orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery, including fracture repair, TPLOs, hemilaminectomies, ventral slot surgeries and more. He’s a fellow and an adjunct professor at the Townsend Institute for Leadership & Counseling at Concordia University Irvine, where he teaches a graduate-level class in organizational leadership, and he has served in various professional organizations, including as the 2001 president of the Tarrant County Veterinary Medical Association, a reporter for Veterinary News Network and past president of the American Society of Veterinary Journalists. He previously worked with high school students as a Young Life Leader and led the college ministry at Christ Chapel Bible Church.

Dr. Hotchkiss and his wife, Lisa, have three children – who are now all embarking on their own careers – a border collie named Lucy, and a cavalier King Charles spaniel named Albert. They split their time between their home in Fort Worth and their ranch in Stephenville, Texas.

Fun fact about your pet: Lucy is a herding dog, and every evening when I get home she herds me to a chair and jumps on my lap. It feels so good to be that loved!

Advice for pet owners: After 26 years of being in the exam room with thousands of people and pets, there are consistent themes that come up. Pets, like people, need boundaries and structure. Both you and your pet will enjoy life so much more if there is structure and training.